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The Transgender Allies Group is having our Open House and Educational event on October first. It is a free event and we have several different presentations throughout the day. This is our biggest event of the year where we provide information to both the trans community and the public at large. Through education and awareness we can bring an end to the stigma against trans people. Below is the flyer with the time and location the schedule for our event and the schedule of presentations. All are welcome.
Event Information Schedule of Presentations


TAG does several presentations each year for many different types of organizations. You can download a copy of one for reference here.

If you want to see when our next meeting is or what events we have coming up in the community, make sure to check out our calendar page.

Do you want to make a difference for the community? Volunteer? Come to a meeting and give us your input. We are happy to have more members.
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Reach out and talk with us. What are your needs? Do you have questions? Send us an email and start the conversation!
Transgender Information

What is a gender identity? What does transition involve? Answers to these questions and more are just a click away.
Transition Forms

Changing your name and your gender marker on all of your records is a daunting task. We hope to make the process easier for you by directing you to the right forms and the right places.
Personal Stories

These are the stories of people just like you. We share them to remind us we are not alone. Have a seat and flip through a tale or two. If you want to share yours, we welcome that too!

Are you a trans person looking for information? A family member trying to figure out what's going on? Or maybe a doctor who wants to get more information about treating transgender patients? This is the page you are looking for. We can point you to the most up-to-date information.