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Northern Nevada Resource Guide

Sections Primary Healthcare & HRT Services
Advocacy & Allies
Advocacy & Allies
Legal Services
News & Media
Housing & Shelter
Employment & Job Services
Medical Resources
Primary Healthcare & HRT Services
Children & Youth
Long-Term Care
Plastic Surgeons & Gender Confirmation
Mental Health
Evaluation, Referral & Treatment
Ongoing Treatment & Counseling
Support Groups
Social Resources
Suicide Prevention
Substance Use
Domestic Violence
Family Support
Transition Services & Products
Transitioning Products (FTM/MTF)
Spiritual Resources
Spiritual Resources
Other Resources
Other Resources
Youth Specific Resources
National Resources
Brian Passalaqua
Assistant Professor, University of Nevada Reno

(775) 682-8200

CBA Health Center, LLC
Scott DeSelle, LCSW
85 Keystone Ave, Ste F, Reno, Nevada
(775) 346-4398 or (775) 200-8528

Community Health Alliance
1055 South Wells Ave, Suite 550, Reno, Nevada 9502
(775) 329-6300
Insurance: Insurance, Uninsured (Sliding Fee Scale)
Trans services: HRT
Dr. Carol Scott
(775) 784-6598

Dr. Dan Snow
15 McCabe Dr., Suite 203, Reno, Nevada 89511
(775) 853-7669

Northern Nevada HOPES
LGBTQ Community Relations
580 W 5th St., Reno, Nevada 89503
(775) 786-4673
Sliding Fee Scale: Minimum is $10 (income based)
Insurance: Insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and Uninsured
Trans specific services: Primary Care, HRT, SOC letters, Counseling
Planned Parenthood
455 W 5th St., Reno, Nevada 89503
(775) 688-5555
Insurance: Yes, uninsured
Trans services: HRT
Reno Family Physicians
Dr. James Schaupp
7111 S. Virginia St., Reno, Nevada
(775) 851-5700
Cost: First visit $150-300
Insurance: Yes, uninsured = cash basis
Trans services: HRT
University Health System
Dr. Howard & Dr. Cheney
1500 E 2nd St., #302, Reno, Nevada 89503
(775) 784-7500
First visit cost: New patient consult $100-460, follow ups $20-133
Insurance: Insurance and Uninsured accepted
Trans specific services: maintain hormone levels, referrals