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Nevada has become the fourth state to prohibit using the "trans panic" and "gay panic" defense in court. Article.

Northern Nevada Resource Guide

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Advocacy & Allies
Advocacy & Allies
Legal Services
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Employment & Job Services
Medical Resources
Primary Healthcare & HRT Services
Children & Youth
Long-Term Care
Plastic Surgeons & Gender Confirmation
Mental Health
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Substance Use
Domestic Violence
Family Support
Transition Services & Products
Transitioning Products (FTM/MTF)
Spiritual Resources
Spiritual Resources
Other Resources
Other Resources
Youth Specific Resources
National Resources
Dr. Tory Clark, DHS, CADC-I, MFT-I
(775) 843-9593

Elizabeth Dear, MFT, AAMFT – Approved Supervisor
(775) 348-4696

Elizabeth Tamietti MA MFT-Intern
505 S Arlington Ave, Ste 206, Reno, Nevada 89509
(775) 825-5776

Jacqueline Kleinedler, MA MFT, LADC
(775) 329-4582 ext 9#

Jennifer Ross MA, MFT-Intern, CADC-Intern
(775) 825-2503

Judy Phoenix, Ph.D. – Clinical Psychologist
(775) 322-5055
(assessment only)
Mary Minten, MA, MFT, DAACS, LCADC
(775) 329-4582 ext 8#

Meri L. Shadley, Ph.D., MFT, LCADC
(775) 329-4582

Start Your Recovery offers relatable information for people who are dealing with substance use issues — and their family members, friends, and co-workers, too.
Tracy S. Kelly, MFT, CADCI, NCC
505 S. Arlington Ave, Ste. 212-D, Reno, Nevada
(775) 742-7764