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Nevada has become the fourth state to prohibit using the "trans panic" and "gay panic" defense in court. Article.

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Debunking Bathroom Myths
This is a report establishing that the much-utilized bathroom scare tactics are without merit
Fighting Back Against Anti-Transgender Talking Points
This article points out the flaws in a variety of arguments against trans people
Groundbreaking Study Finds Family Acceptance of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Adolescents Protects Against Depression, Substance Abuse and Su
LGBT youth with highly accepting families have significantly higher levels of self-esteem and social support in young adulthood.
Meet The Doctor Social Conservatives Depend On To Justify Anti-Transgender Hate
This is an article discussing the realities of Dr. Paul McHugh, the doctor that anti-trans groups depend on to attempt to legitimize their anti-trans positions
Mental Health of Transgender Children Who Are Supported in Their Identities
This study published in Pediatrics found that transgender children who were supported showed no elevations in depression and slightly elevated anxiety relative to population averages. They did not differ from the control groups on depression symptoms and had only marginally higher anxiety symptoms.
The End of the Desistance Myth
This article takes down the bad science behind the myth that 84% or so of transgender children stop being transgender before adulthood. This myth is perpetuated by people who would like to encourage reparative therapy on children and adults to "cure transgenderism"
The idea of two sexes is simplistic. Biologists now think there is a wider spectrum than that.
This article discusses the complex nature of biology and the variety that is created in the development of an individual
Trans Students Not Causing Problems
Seventeen did an article pointing out that transgender students in schools with accepting policies are not causing any problems
Virginia courts issue new form for Petition for Change of Sex
A petition for changing your gender marker on your Virginia birth certificate. The form must still be filed with the court, but this form creates a consistent process across the state of Virginia for fixing your birth certificate.
WCSD cited as a model by US Dept. of Education
WCSD, aided by TAG, came up with what is now being cited as a model policy for the treatment of transgender students in schools
Why LGBT Advocates Say Bathroom 'Predators' Argument Is a Red Herring
This is an article detailing all of the problems with the concept that trans-friendly laws enable predators